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Originally founded as a home to freed American slaves, Liberia is home to 3.5 million people. Timber, iron ore, rubber and diamonds are the principal exports of this small country. However, very few Liberians benefit from the revenue produced by these resources. Most of the population lives in deep poverty.

Between 1989 and 2003, Liberians suffered in a long and brutal civil war that killed or displaced millions of people. After the war, many Liberian refugees returned home to find that their villages were completely destroyed. As a result they lack adequate housing, medical care, schools, electricity and clean water. For these Liberians, the constant fear of violence has been replaced with a dreary sense of hopelessness.

The Association of Independent Churches of Africa (AICA) has responded to the physical and spiritual needs of poor Liberians. Pastors and churches are reaching out to improve social conditions in war torn villages, and offer a message of peace and hope.

Alongside teams are working with AICA to help address the needs of children and families in rural LIberia.


Alongside team members preparing to raise a new water tank.