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Alongside Teams

Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in need? Through our Alongside International program you can offer direct, hands-on relief to people suffering from poverty and despair. Consider joining one of our Alongside Teams today.

What is an Alongside Team?

An Alongside Team is a group of 10 - 40 Canadians, from all walks of life, who will:

  • Travel with an outreach team to work with a local Christian agency in a developing country
  • Work with the team to complete a project that provides both physical and spiritual benefit to the local people
  • Build new relationships with your team members and with people in the communties where you serve

What do Alongside Teams do?

Each team works closely with the local people, typically in village settings, in the areas where our partner agencies are working. Depending on local needs, the team can be involved in social, educational, agricultural or medical activities. Project partnerships in the past have seen teams build or repair clinics, hospitals, churches, homes, water systems and training facilities. There are many opportunities to apply and develop the individual gifts and skills of participating team members including music and children's programs.

Who can join an Alongside Team?

Trips last from twelve to fifteen days and are open to adults age 15 or older with a valid passport and compassion to serve those less fortunate. Please refer to our calendar of trips for specific dates of trips already planned.

How much do trips cost?

Costs depend on location and duration of each Alongside trip. Team members are encouraged to seek the support of family, friends, church members and others to help underwrite the cost of their trip. Alongside trip leaders can help offer other suggestions about raising funds.

What help do team members receive?

  • Personal instruction, guidance and direction for potential participants and leaders
  • International development management and overseeing project activities
  • Travel arrangements, guidance and assistance and direction
  • In-country travel and accommodations
  • Language and cultural interpreters
  • Social, educational, medical and construction supervision
  • Schedules of activities and engagements
  • Leadership of community outreach activities and opportunities
  • Financial and fund-raising support and guidance
  • Sponsorship opportunities

How can I get more information?

For more information about ourAlongside International program call David Miclash at 905.335.1671 or contact him by e-mail.


Community dedicates well restored by Alongside Team.

Caring for children.

Alongside Team members examine child at medical clinic.

Kids everywhere love Alongside puppet shows.