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Nairobi: Medical Team

A team composed of volunteers from two churches - Harvest Bible Chapel and Fair Havens worked at the Charles Mully Children Foundation (MCF) village in Ndalani.

The team had significant medical skills led by Dr. Bill Thompson. Check-ups were given to over 700 children and medical equipment unloaded from a shipping container and setup in a new 40 bed hospital.


The team

Scenery by the MCF site in Ndalani 

Grace planting vegetables

Madeline and Gail harvesting beans 

Dave cutting rock for a new dorm

John performing a medical checkup

Simon adjusting a leg brace

Unloading medical supplies

Team lead Colin unloading medical supplies

Dr. Bill and group leading a song 


Grace in the sewing workshop

New fleece jackets

Dr. Bill treating a patient

Linda shopping

Ndalani children singing

Farewell dancing performance 

See ya!