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Lusaka: Health Clinics, Cleanup and Street Outreach

A wonderful group of people reached out in love to people in the impoverished African country of Zambia. Kelly Ross mobilized and organized the team. The Alongside leaders, Randy and Elaine Cannell describe the medical and construction team as nothing short of "God sent." The team was made up of 12 people with a variety of experience and academic backgrounds including history, marketing, photography, early childhood education and nursing. Most of their hands-on outreach was at the Lazarus project just outside the city of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. However, they also ventured 6 hours away to a rural village of Chipepo.

The hard working dedicated group had no regard for their own personal comfort as they cleaned toilets and urinals, scrubbed floors, washed walls, sanded and painted the entire former dysfunctional washroom building.

The team completed medical examinations of all the former street boys which was necessary to comply with new Government regulations. Directed by Robert, a former street boy, the team entered into the dark night streets to give first aid, food and demonstrated God's love to hundreds of street kids.

If this was not enough, they journeyed to a remote rural village 6 hours by bus from Lusaka where they set up a medical clinic and dug and pick axed the hard ground to lay the foundation for a local church and school.The nursing students along with a Zambian doctor examined and diagnosed more than 150 people per day for 4 days, providing them with wound care, eye care and prescribed medications.

It was obvious many of the team show signs of future leadership and are already preparing for the "next outreach to Zambia."


Our first day at Lazarus

Early morning but smiles

Making new friends our first day

Health assessments at Lazarus

Medical Team

Late night street visit

Randy sees an old friend

Elaine making a friend

New winter coats for the boys

Bathroom cleanup crew

Taking a break

Hanging out

Old team

Lunch with the boys

Team at Chipepo

Chrissy providing wound care