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Akaeze: Medical Team

One would think after several separate trips to Nigeria, you would have seen it all. Not so. The impact of this medical team which was mobilized by Laura Cranna and headed by Dr. Bill Thompson was far reaching and positively impacting to hundreds of people. We held 6 mobile clinics in 5 separate villages and treated people for everything from malaria, outer body wounds like bullet wounds, alligator bites, machete cuts, worms, and other sicknesses too numerous to mention. Many of us were saddened because we could not reach out to so many. The doctors, nurses, nursing students and support people tended to about 150 people a day with many hundred others turned away because of time and resources.

Much of our outreach to community people was done by a group of people mobilized and led by Nancy Gallant from Mansfield and Knox Presbyterian churches in the Alliston area. It was amazing to witness their hands-on work with parents, students and small children through arts, crafts, music, drama and stories. Without them we could not have contained the masses of people who stood in line for as much as 6 hours in the hot sun. This is truly commitment.

As part of our normal contribution, we engaged in construction of the schools that were started only 2 short years ago. The TETMI schools started with 40 young students and because of the new buildings, there are now 300. We are truly grateful to be a part of this major life changing service.


Busy clinic

Community outreach

Counting pills

Crowd control

Dr. Amy consults

Dr. Bill

Dr. Gabe

Fun with the kids

Laura's dream comes true

Line up for the clinic

More TLC

Our Pastor Dave and Hope and David,Jr and Rachel


Teaching on the job

The Church ladies

The eyeglass clinic

The Meds arrive

The team