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Akaeze: Clean Water and Eyecare

What a wonderful opportunity this was for us Canadians to directly connect with the people in the village of Akaeze. One of the most impactive interactions was through our issuing of eye glasses to hundreds of villagers. This team was led by Arlene Nagy and was predominately comprised of people connected to Grindstone Bible Church in Waterdown.

The team spent much of their time personally interacting with the women, men, young adults and children. Some of the team was prompted to lead special sharing times with the women using a demonstration and talk about hygiene. Other than on the construction of the school, consistent time was spent with village men who were challenged to become more involved and better leaders in their families, their churches and their communities. A university student did a marvelous, inspirational presentation to young people using the Terry Fox story. Using the tremendous gifts and skills of participants trained in health care, we conducted an aids clinic.

Exciting times were enjoyed with music, the introduction of many, many new interactive games and new songs. The new water system that was installed by one of our previous teams was upgraded and completed. We are so thankful for the many new beginnings of friendships, partnerships and relationships which were followed up with team members committing to continuing to work together in love through future correspondence, revisits and sponsorship of TETMI school children. For most … a tremendous new life experience and a new beginning.


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