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Akaeze: Construction, Clean Water and Eye Care

A team composed primarily of Ontario government employees went into the bush of Akaeze, Nigeria and in less than two weeks accomplished a great deal. A school for the children and an addition for teacher's offices was completed, and are run by our partner TETMI. A well borehole was drilled which will provide the first clean drinking water to the village. Outreach to the school children through crafts, sports and gift bags was done. A women's hygiene session (complete with dancing) provided a special sharing time for the women on the team with local women. Over 300 pairs of eyeglasses were prescribed. Hundreds of pounds of school supplies and hygiene items were distributed. The local government of Ebonyi state hosted an appreciation session for the team. None of us will forget the hospitality of the Igbo people, the shouts and dancing of the children greeting us each day.

"My mother and I mostly remember the people we met and how amazing they were as human beings, so kind, gentle and caring of others, and happy. If there one thing that shocked me it was that people with so little, living in such poor conditions, with essentially no access to the bare necessities of life seemed so much happier than anybody I know in our very own country." - Renee Lacoursiere, team member



The team in Igbo costume

School on arrival

Louise leading the craft outreach

School children performing for the team

Dave being welcomed by the local government chairman

Krista well drilling

Renee, Jeff & Suzanne prescribing eyeglasses

The school children in new soccer uniforms

Patsy & Randy constructing

Jodi, Karen & Shannon bathing a baby as part of the women's hygiene session

Gift bags for the school children

Derek cooking dinner for the team

Louise eating Nigerian garri

Dave & Linda's 42 anniversary 

Lori laying block

Isabelle & Renee with completed crafts 

Canada cake with Pastor David and local government officials

Completing the school roof